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Sell Your Commercial Space

When it comes to selling commercial property, two things are crucial—knowing the area and the market, and having the right connections. As a commercial real estate agent, it’s my privilege to use my knowledge of the area as a business owner, resident, and agent for each client’s best advantage.

The commercial real estate market from Penticton through Kelowna to Vernon is unique. While some areas are more desirable than others, all areas continue to be in demand. And that means you need a savvy, hard-working agent on your side when you sell so you get every ounce of value from your property. That’s what I’m here for!

Your commercial property is more than just square footage, amenities, and location. It’s also market demographics, local amenities, pending comparable sales and listings, and financial analysis. I bring the entire picture of your properties’ value to the table so buyers can understand the value of your listing ahead of all others.

Attracting the right buyer is just one part of my job. Negotiating the best possible outcome is another part. I’m committed to the success of each of my clients. Especially in the Kelowna commercial real estate market, it’s important to excel in negotiations, so every advantage is passed on to my clients.

When you’re ready to sell your office space, retail space, multi family unit, or industrial property, or if you’d like information on whether selling is the right step for you, please contact me at 250.448.5008 or email samantha@shopcommercial.ca and I would be happy to discuss your goals and the local market with you.