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I am a Commercial Realtor® who specializes in Sales & Leasing in the Okanagan Valley

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I am a licensed Commercial Realtor® who specializes in Commercial Leasing with a focus in three areas:

Investment properties. I help real estate investors locate and purchase their ideal investment properties and then assist them in finding the perfect long-term tenants for their new investment.

Tenant Mandates: I help businesses find, negotiate and lease commercial space in the Okanagan Valley and help them navigate through the delicate process of long-term Commercial Leasing.

Listing: I list commercial space for sale or lease for my investors. I use my 13+ years of Real Estate Marketing experience to market my client's properties for the highest possible return.


New To Commercial Leasing?

If you are considering Leasing Commercial Property in the Okanagan, click the button below to review our Commercial Leasing Guide. It has everything you need to know about Leasing Commercial Space for your business.

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